Introduction to the gym:                                            

For those who need to know what and how to use a gym to maximize their experience.

Program Set Up:         

Custom fitness plan, and 2 Sessions

Fitness assessments  

Body fat only   

fitness consultation upon appointment

Fitness Assessment Includes:

  • Sub VO2 Max Test
  • Upper/Lower Body Strength/Endurance Tests
  • Recommended Ranges
  • Recommended Daily Caloric Intake
  • Body Water
  • Body Fat/Lean Body Mass (BF%/LBM)
  • Exercise Caloric Expenditure
Body fat will be determined by Bio-Electrical Impedance (BIA) or a 3 site Skin Fold Test.

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Personal Training monthly rates:

Pay one monthly fee have a trainer 1-3 times per week for a month.

 This can be done in groups as well to split fees

Membership fees are based on:
  • Month to Month Rate
  • 3 Month Rate
  • Yearly Rate


session Blocks

  • A Full Session will last 45-50 minutes
  • Executive Sessions will last about 20-25 minutes
  • Expires 1 year from date of first session
  • Includes fitness assessment
  • Includes Custom Program
  • 7  SESSIONS       SAVE 5%     

    13  Sessions     SAVE 10%   

    25  SESSIONS    SAVE 20% 

    add 50% per additional person

    during the hours of 8-4. After hour rates available.


     Group Discounts up to 5 people per group 

    ยท Homework will be assigned in the form of habitual changes such as choosing healthier foods, performing aerobic exercise sessions, and keeping a exercise and diet journal.