"Always remember that dead last is better than did not finish, 

which is way better than did not start."

-from the blog "From Couch Potato to Runner"  by New York Times health columnist Tara Parker-Pope

             The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived                            You'll never look at Fitness the same again.           1 hour

Dubbed by the New York Times as "The most efficient workout in the World". 30-45 min

Go through an entire season of Rowing in one class. "The Perfect Calorie Burn" 30-45 min 

Skills and Drills, Weightlifting, and Conditioning  8 week session meeting 2x per week- 1 hour-10 cap

Team up with your wedding party for 4 weeks of shredding BootCamp. 

This is a Corporate Course for Midland States Bank Employees and Affiliates.

2-4 hour Courses approved my the American Red Cross for private and Commercial Uses.

High Intensity Interval Training. Non stop 30 min Design specifically exculsive to Siemerworks.